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Biotech Essential Statistics Series

Understanding the importance of statistical methods is crucial for Biotech stakeholders as it plays a critical role in guiding evidence-based decision-making and influencing various stages in Drug Development from R&D to regulatory approval, and market success.
Working with the right experimental design is key to ensuring the right data are available for analysis and reporting.
Engaging with statistical experts early on and throughout the process is essential to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Access the webinar recordings and slides below:
Webinar recording

Study Design Considerations for Biotechs

Gain expert insight into clinical experiment design and informed decision-making for drug development. Learn about the Estimand framework, sample size determination, randomization, and blinding.

Featuring: Stephen Corson, Associate Director, Statistics and technical solutions

Webinar recording

The Art of Balancing: Clinical Relevance vs. Statistical Significance

Delve into the significance of p-values and statistical significance in clinical trials, their practical applications, potential risks, and the need for assessing clinical relevance.

Featuring: Prof. Jennifer Visser-Rogers, Vice President, Statistical Research and Consultancy

Webinar recording

Statistical Insights for Biotech Professionals

Discover how Bayesian frameworks outperform frequentist approaches, offering promising solutions and reducing the required sample sizes for more robust and reliable outcomes.

Featuring: Stephen Corson, Associate Director, Statistics and technical solutions